Our history: from tradition to innovation:

Our history: Sicilian DOC but raised in Milan, Mr. Salvatore Mario Abbate or better “the Surveyor Abbate”, as his collaborators and friends loved to call him, founded the company CIVIC S.r.l. in 1994. Strongly convinced in the importance of Abbate was a forward-looking entrepreneur from the technical and aesthetic point of view: he was the first in Italy to create linear systems with various shapes.
Able to understand the needs of the market, he created two systems still in vogue today: the ROUND and OVAL, among the most copied models in the world.

The ability to follow market trends and the changing needs of consumers, allowed CIVIC to adapt without any difficulty to the arrival of new LED light sources. At first, existing models were adapted to the new way of lighting and then the technical office, enriched in the meantime with cutting-edge professionals, was able to create new models born with and for LED sources.
The constant commitment of the children in the company has allowed CIVIC to know how to always renew and keep up with the times, has become what it is today, a reality able to produce technical lighting and design fixtures for outdoor and indoor always in step with the times.


Made in Italy in the world

We are proud to produce in Italy and export the beauty and quality of Made in Italy to the world. In the year that came to an end, our exports reached different places in the world and reached over 28 different countries.

The luminaires are manufactured in the Trezzano Sul Naviglio (Milan) factories, where the logistics centre for the dispatch of orders to Italy and abroad is also located. Quality control is performed on each individual part that is tested and tested before leaving the site.

CIVIC can boast a production entirely made in Italy in its plants in Trezzano S/N (Milan). The raw materials and components selected by our technical department are exclusively of high quality, completely Made in Italy. This allows CIVIC to always have a direct dialogue with its suppliers and keep up with the latest developments in each industry.


Our production culture

One of the keys to the success of CIVIC has been the ability and desire to always please its customers creating solutions that can adapt to the most diverse scenarios. Over the years, CIVIC has been defined as the company of the “Tailor Made” for its ability almost to sew, on customer needs, lighting fixtures suitable for his projects.
Custom Made for CIVIC means: colors, lengths, powers, color temperatures and other features made on request, because for CIVIC the customer is always in first place.

CIVIC, using a structured and controlled production system, confirms its focus on product quality.
The design by a dedicated internal department, the choice of leading suppliers in their sector and the care in the production of the product by specialized personnel, contribute to the creation of quality devices designed to last over time.

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