In 1994 CIVIC was born, a small company that founds its roots in the family, tradition and constant commitment to customers. While maintaining family dimensions we have always tried to leave a tangible mark on the world, considering each interaction as a valuable chapter of our history. We are grateful for the support received during these first 30 years, sure that the core values of this small reality will guide us for the next goals.

Light + Building

Also this year CIVIC will participate in one of the most important events for the lighting industry: Light + Building 2024! The new proposals will make our stand shine in a unique way, transforming it into a real beacon that guides visitors towards the future.

Spider illuminates the “Wall of Legality”

We are pleased to announce the installation of our products in Palermo, where Spider now proudly illuminates the Wall of Legality: a tangible sign of ethical and social values.

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